• Appearance
    • Major Characteristic
    • Application Sense
    • Main Technical Parameters
    • Appearance

    • Major Characteristic

      ? tower crane torque detection and overload alarm

      ? tower crane load-carrying ability detection and overload alarm
      ? tower crane small vehicle amplitude detection 
      ? tower crane cliver height detection and amplitude detection
      ? tower crane swivel detection and amplitude detection
      ? Tower crane angle of slope detection and alarm
      ? support function of wind speed detection and alarm
      ? support driver’s face identification
      ? support fobidden area setting and alarm
      ? support anti-collision warning of tower groups
      ? 4G real-time data remote transmission through the whole network
      ?Local and remote recording of tower crane operation data
      ? The platform supports the configuration and viewing of remote parameters
      ? Support linkage with hook visualization equipment

    • Application Sense

      Site monitoring
      Achieve remote real-time monitoring of tower crane in site
      Site management
      The remote monitoring management platform can query and analyze the operation data of each tower crane according to the needs of supervision, alert the tower crane with potential safety hazards, to make the supervision department clear about the operation parameters and safety conditions of the tower crane under supervision.

    • Main Technical Parameters

      Support input voltage: AC100-250V
      Display: 8 "full color touch screen
      Alarm mode: active audible and visual alarm
      Support working temperature: - 10-80 ℃
      Support communication mode:TDD-LTE,/FDD-LTE/GPRS/EDGE
      Face recognition: support remote face distribution, dynamic video anti fake, low illumination recognition

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