• Appearance
    • Major Characteristic
    • Application Sense
    • Main Technical Parameters
    • Appearance

    • Function And Characteristic

      ? driver’s face identification
      ? manager’s face identification and management
      ? verification and management of grip
      ? management of whole machine recheck
      ? anti scour roof protection
      ? anti squatting protection
      ? sound-light alarming
      ? Hoist status monitoring(feed hopper, discharge gate, upper and lower limit, up and down)    
      ? GPRS/4G remote transmission
      ? support remote parameter viewing and configuration
      ? real time detection of power supply voltage, with overvoltage and LV protection function
      ? uninterruptible power supply function

    • Application Sense

      Mainly used in various type’s building hoist in construction site.

    • Majormain Technical Parameters

      Support input voltage: AC100-250V
      Display: 5 "full color touch screen
      Uninterruptible power: provide equipment power supply reserve for more than 1 hour
      Alarm mode: active audible and visual alarm
      Support communication mode: GPRS/EDGE
      Face recognition: high-speed facial recognition system

    Produced By 大漢網絡 大漢版通發布系統